Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crooked Rain

Got caught up in the weather this morning. BBC Breakfast weather gave the thumbs up for a dry morning, day and rest of the week. Half way to work the drizzle came down in grey sheets and I got quite the soaking. I know, I know, it's Northern Ireland and having looked at the grey skies leaving the house I should have read the warning signs but I put my trust in Rob McElwee - and you have lost that trust sir. After looking up the BBC weather online it told me it would be raining all day - so why the disparancy? AH well, it seems anybody can do his job:

Could anyone do your job?
Yes, anyone can do it but only a few fortunate people are given the opportunity. [from above link]


In other news the housework is coming along nicely and everything is nearly as we want it. I still have to go through a few things an everytime I look in a room I spy something else I could and probably should learn to live without. Last night I threw away the cases of some old cds and put them in a spindle and I have around 40 more to do as well as throw out spindles full of old cds I no longer listen to.

I love finding old compilations though as it not only reminds you of what tunes you used to love but jogs the memory of the time period in which it was made. As such it was a real heart breaker to have to get rid of a box full of old tapes recently with hand crafted front covers and inside track listings. At the time I meant to keep the tracklisting of a few mix tapes in order to find an mp3 of the song but alas I didn't have time and thus will probably never hear the song again.

I'm off to lament a lost musical catalogue. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous Lou said...

Ha! You belive everything the BBC tells you! You fool!

7:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skry: OK so for the last few days I have had to reset my password every lunchtime to get blogging. I am now giving up, as I'm fed up of spending half my lunch getting a broken website that I didn't even program to work properly, so I'll be logged as an Anonymous user from now on... Crappy Blogspot...

You can't spell Blogspot without the letters "log stop" :-(

Anyway, I was watching the weather and looking out the window this morning thinking "Are you serious?" I brought a rain coat with me but, as I start work an hour before you, I just about dodged the rain :D

Never believe the weather on TV!

As for mix tapes, I found a few the other day while cleaning up. Unfortunately the boxes had no tapes in them for the most part but at least I can find the listings on mp3!

10:52 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

You dont have to be a blogger or anonymous to comment, just click on other then type Skry in.

1:29 am  

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