Friday, September 01, 2006

Irony In Cleaning

After many trips back and forth over the last fortnight we finally moved house yesterday evening.
There's been much back-breaking labour getting our old flat cleaned and up to scratch to meet the expectation of the landlord in order to secure the deposit. It's ironic that the greatest effort in cleaning takes place in order to hand it over to someone else to enjoy.

However the work is not yet done because now there are boxes and bags everywhere waiting to be opened and their contents spread about the house like huge chunks of material dust. So that is what awaits me this weekend and I look forward to it with ambivilance. On the one hand it will be good to know where everything is. On the other hand I wonder how I have so much crap and I will now have to undertake the unwelcome task of reviewing each item to revalue its merits for staying and not being sold, thrown away or used at some point in the future.

Apologies for the short and slim postings this week but I will be returning to the fore on Monday with the weekend review and daily posts. Have a great weekend whatever you're up to and thanks for stopping by!


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