Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well folks, I'm back in Belfast after a great break in Wales. Here's some of the photos from the holiday with more to come over the next few days interspersed with exciting tales of moving house...

The Usual Suspects

We spent the first two nights in Cardiff and on Saturday afternoon we made our way to the festival in the park where we drank, ate dodgy burgers and saw the likes of De La Soul, Badly Drawn Boy and Snow Patrol.

Breacon Beacons

After being chased back to our car by a hoard of flies akin to the plague not far from the reservoir, we made for a forest park and sat above a waterfall and tucked into our lunch basket of cheese, pate, salami and other treats - all very civilised!

Reservoir Station by Talybont Reservoir

Talybont Reservoir

Lizard aka "The Crawling King Snake"

St Davids Cathedral

Chris and Eva are getting married here next year and it was great to check out the place without wedding nerves [at least on my part!]. The location is beautiful as is the cathedral and the inside is decorated with amazing ceilings and glass windows.

Inside St Davids Cathedral

Outside the Farmers Arms

Cliffs of St David

We actually swam in the sea here but the photos did not come out too well from such a distance so you will just have to take my word for it! The ocean was damn freezing though it did wake us up as we took a dip at 11am. What were we thinking?

Cliffs of St David

Carnival Day!

There's a carnival every year complete with marching band and floats with this year being very heavily decked out in Pirates of the Carribean themes. Everybody follows the procession to the local rugby field where there is stalls, rides and alcohol!

A great time was had by all with the weather remaining dry and sunny for the most part. There should be more photos to come over the next few days so I hope you all had a great week and I'll see you tomorrow!


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Woo Hoo a mention in the world famous (or infamous) phils blog!!!!!!!

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