Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A few of us took off to Dunfanaghy in Donegal for last weekend for some late summer antics leaving the working week behind. We left after work on Friday and arrived by sundown just in time sort outselves out in the fading light before settling down with a cold beverage.

Colin & Foot.

Keith & Ninja Foot.

As we stayed up until 3am we deserved a lie-inon Saturday and after rising in the late morning and getting our fill of pastries and bacon-wrapped sausages we set off to Portnablagh for a swim and to work off the meat-fueled brunch.

Portnablagh harbour

Surrounding scenery from Portnablagh.

The easiest way to adjust to Atlantic sea temperatures is to immerse yourself fully from a Baywatch-esque run and take the plunge. Thusly:

David Hasselhoff look-a-likes.

Brian surrenders to the momment.

After regaining our undercarriage, we returned to Dunfanaghy in time for the August Games where Keith and Brian got shown up by a bunch of children. Still, it was all in good jest and fun was had by all if you could avoid getting soaked by flying sponges and buckets of water.

Keith instructs Brian on the fine art of wheelbarrow waterbucket running.

Keith launches forward as Lady In Red looks on nonchalantly.

The dogs use this human distractment to make a clean getaway.

As the games came to a close we retired to the house to consume alcohol, play card games and prepare for our midnight beach expedition of which there are no photos.

A great weekend was had by all. You can find more pictures of the weekend here which were taken by Jenny. The above photos are courtesy of Don. Tonight is food-night so come back tomorrow to find out what sumptuous meal was laid on by Colin.



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