Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lindsay & Andrew's Wedding Part II: The Journey

Thanks to EasyJet shifting our flight schedule, we awoke at the ungodly hour of 6am. I despise anyone who can rise this early and conduct themselves properly throughout the day. I am most certainly not a morning person and even waking at 8am it takes me a few hours to shift up the gears to full pelt. Thankfully the requirements of operation did not go much further than getting to the airport and making our way to Edinburgh. The flight itself only took 35 minutes afterwhich we hopped on a bus outside to take us to the city centre whereby we spent a quarter of an hour trying to locate the then very obvious bus station to take us to Glenrothes. However, since it is a small town, the frequency of buses was minimal and we made our way to neighbouring Kircaldy where we stopped for lunch in a bakery who sold a wide and mouth-watering selection of pies and pastries. MMmmm. Pie.

After hopping on a local bus to Glenrothe and jumping in a taxi to take us to our B&B we checked in and collapsed on the bed to recharge the batteries. Despite the general small size of our room it came stocked with a mini library [perhaps the quaint Scottish equivilent of the mini bar] and I read a few pages of "Great Scottish Mysteries". No points for guessing the Loch Ness Monster was right up there but there was also a section on spontaneous human combustion which perhaps occurs with more frequency in Scotland due to deep frying everything and the body overcompensates in the burning of calories.

After some R&R we made our way to Dundee to meet up with some of Lou's old mates. Our first port of call was Laing's which has a huge beer garden although we found a spot on the balcony at the top overlooking Dundee harbour inbetween two houses. We then headed to The Globe for some dinner and hooked up with more folks and sat outside in the evening sunshine. There's nothing more pleasant than sitting outside on a summers day, eating good food, drinking beer and sharing laughs. And this would be the same the next day on Lindsay and Andrew's wedding day. More of that tomorrow - have a great day and see you then.


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