Friday, July 21, 2006

Links #25

Big Lebowski - Fucking Short Version

All the f-words from the movie edited together for your aural pleasure.*

Wikipedia - The Big Lebowski

Cool Bike Tricks

German student performing some awesome bike tricks in a gymnasium.

Wikipedia - Bike Tricks

The Amazing Screw On Head

Pilot show from the creator of Hellboy starring Paul Giamatti.

Wikipedia - The Amazing Screw On Head

Also worth noting is the list of films that most frquently drop the F-Bomb.

Have a great weekend - see you Monday!


Blogger Donovan said...

"Unless your wish is to see her die, throw down that turnip!"


9:07 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Here's the Scarface short version.. not quite as cool as the lebowski one but included for completeness:

3:42 am  

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