Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I had a hankering for a chocolate bar last week and it gave me food for thought about what my favourite chocolate bar was. According to a 2003 industry poll, the top 20 chocolate bars in the UK were:

1. Cadbury's Chocolate Milk
2. Mars
3. Galaxy
4. Kit Kat
5. Snickers
6 Malteasers
7. Milkybar
8. Twix
9. Aero
10. Cadbury Flake
11. Smarties
12. Bounty
13. Buttons
14. Milky Way
15. Cadburyland
16. Starburst
17. Bassetts & Beyond
18. Twirl
19. Crunchie
20. Yorkie

I find this list incredible, not only because it leaves out obvious delicious treats [which I will come to] but the fact that a plain chocolate milk bar is top of the list. Do people have no taste? I also hadn't a clue what a Cadburyland was but it's this which looks surprisingly like a chocolate dip with bread sticks. I also have no clue what a Bassett's & Beyond is but apparently it's two long pieces of nougat put together - one side is pink, the other side white - and sometimes has pieces of nut placed into it. Here's my interpretation of the above list:

1. Bounty
2. Milky Way
3. Snickers
4. Mars
5. Smarties
6. Malteasers
7. Crunchie
8. Aero
9. Twix
10. Flake

And my own top 10 list adding chocolate bars that deserve to be in a top 10 list:

1. Topic
2. Picnic
3. Double Decker
4. Bounty
5. Boost
6. Milky Way
7. Macaroon Bar
8. Lion Bar
9. Revels
10. Snickers

Let me know if I've left a favourite out and what your own top 5 chocolate bars are.


Anonymous Lou said...

My top 5 are as follows,
Kinder Bueno
Yorkie Fruit and Nut

So there!

8:19 pm  
Blogger Donovan said...

Top 3:
Curly Wurly
Animal Bar

About the first list.. isn't is called Dairy Milk? (As opposed to Cadbury's Chocolate Milk.. wtf is that)

9:01 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

My most frequently eaten chocolate bars (because they're cheap):
- Chomp
- Curly Wurly
- Fudge

But my favourites:
- Dairy Milk from down south
- Top Deck (can you get these still? Like a dairy milk but the top part of each square is white chocolate)
- Crunchie
- mint Aero

10:09 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

My list goes all the way up to 11!

1. Any soft fudge
2. Malteasers
3. Whispa (if they're still available - anyone know?)
4. Turkish Delight *
5. Cadbury's Cream Eggs
6. Cadbury's Caramel bar (if they're still available)
7. Maccaroon bar
8. Twirl
9. Bounty
10. Dime bars
11. Vice Versa's (if they're still available)

* I can't eat this any more as it's apparently not vegetarian, although that might have changed since I last looked it up. Anyone au fait with the vegetarian possibilities of TD?

I would also have put in Cadbury's Fruit And Nut if they had a fruit-only version. Nuts taste like ass in chocolate...

Kinder eggs are also cool, but they are more fun to play with after than fun to eat. Then again, any large chocolate egg is fun to eat cause you get to put it in the fridge and then smash it up! :D

10:31 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

After reading Jen's comment, I have to ask: did any of you ever eat a Top Deck and drink Top Deck at the same time? I never put the two together when I was young enough to have bought them, but I wish I had have now...

You could eat/drink them while on the top deck of a double decker! That would be a silly but cool claim to fame :D

10:35 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Then you could say "top that!"


Might have to put Curly Wurly or Fudge Finger into the Top 10 too.

Isn't Chomp the poor mans Curly Wurly?
I think they do another version called Freddo.

Kinder egss are right up there too but it could be the toy that does it. They should make edible toys.
"I'm bored with this.....*chomp*".

10:41 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

No way! The kinder egg chocolate is great, the toy is just a bonus. Mmmm i might start buying Kinder eggs at lunchtime so i have something to do in work in the afternoons.

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

Wispas are definately gone. Cadburys caramel bars are still here, but i've never heard of Vice Versas.

11:10 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...


An ode to Wispa

"Wither the Wispa"

11:31 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Oh, I had forgotten all about Vice Versas! I used to love them. Like Minstrels, but some of them were white chocolate in a brown shell, and some were milk chocolate in a white shell. Mmmm.

11:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe that Dairy Milk Bubbly is basically identical to Wispa, so if you really have to scratch that itch, repair to the local newsagents!

12:35 am  
Anonymous Emer said...

-Frys Chocolate Creme (The Connoisseurs Choice)
-Topic (The only bar I know of with hazelnuts!)
-Malteasers (When you want 'guilt free chocolate' cos' fuckit.. the ballerinas in the ad are scoffing it!)
-Terrys Chocolate Orange (Orange flavoured chocolate..whoever invented this deserves a medal!!)
-Aero Mint (My 'Buy when I am bored bar' as the challenge I set myself is to carefully eat off all the chocolate and leave the green inside intact.)
-Munchies (This is 'Handbag' chocolate)
-Twix (Seems like added value cos there is TWO!
-Lion (I like to break it in half to make it look like a lions mouth)
-Revels (Each one a surprise. We used to draw Revels instead of drawing straws. Coffee always lost.)
-M&M Peanut (ONLY at the cinema where I buy the fucking MASSIVE JUMBO bag for a euro fifty and have M&M's for the rest of the week.

I would like to ask also if any of you remember a bar called Goldmine. It was FREAKING awesome and I need to know if it is still available.

6:58 pm  
Blogger Skry said...


I can't believe they stopped making Whispa's!! I'll have to try the new Bubbly bar and compare, but if they aren't nice I'm gonna buy a Dairy Milk bar and threaten to kill it if Cadbury's don't reinstate Whispa's.

If they don't I'll break off a bar and mail Cadbury's, piece by piece until they surrender. Or contaminate them with salmonella again. Whatever works.

Emer: "My 'Buy when I am bored bar' as the challenge I set myself is to carefully eat off all the chocolate and leave the green inside intact"

You eat like me! And you've been laughing all this time... It is the most fun way to eat though. As for Goldmine bars, we had them here and they were called Gold Bars.

I thought you couldn't get them any more but, at a party, I got the munchies and asked if anyone knew about them or if they were still made. I was told by an employee of Tesco's (in the know) that there is an own-brand version of them. I am yet to find them, but then again I am yet to find simple things like bread and milk in the small Tesco's near me!

10:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of gone but not forgotten sugary goodness, anyone remember creamola foam?

11:12 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Creamola Foam was discontinued in 1998 due to "the high cost of production and low level of sales" ( according to Nestle)

Anyone remember Wagon Wheels actually being huge hence the name?

Soon they'll repackage them as novelty biscuits and change the name to "mini wagon wheels"

11:35 pm  

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