Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes On A Plane

Unless you have been living on a remote island for the last couple of months, you should probably have heard something about Snakes On A Plane.

Originally called 'Venom', it was turned down by over 30 Hollywood studios in 1995 and it would take a decade later until it started garnering interest after a screenwriter, Josh Friedman, blogged about it after being asked to work on the script and Samuel L Jackson was onboard after only reading the title of the movie.

"Sam Jackson's pretty sure he's doing a movie called SNAKES ON A PLANE. And if Sam Jackson thinks he's doing a movie called SNAKES ON A're doing a movie called SNAKES ON A PLANE."

We all know how the internet can turn a small thing into a phenomenon and even though the film wrapped up principal photography in September 2005, due to the overwhelming internet fan base, New Line Cinema incorporated feedback from bloggers and websites into the film. The studio ordered five days of additional re-shooting to raise the MPAA rating from a PG-13 to an R. the film any good?

Yes and No. No if you haven't been swept away by the wave of interest over the film, have not been waiting eagerly to see it for months and if you were expecting something like Executive Decision. If, however, you have been cruising websites for the latest news and information, have created your own t-shirt and know exactly what the film is about then you bet your sweet ass it's a great film. Let's read on shall we?

The film begins when Sean Jones, a free-wheeling biker witnesses the brutal murder of a prosecuter by Eddie Kim, a famous gang land leader and becomes a target of the gang. His only way out is to testify against Eddie Kim which involves a flight from Malibu to Los Angeles which is where the real fun begins.

A crate opens midway through the flight and dozens upon dozens of poisonous snakes make their way throughout the cabin killing numerous passengers along the way. The death scenes are hilarious and grotesque. The lines of dialogue are hilariously bad. The plot is hilarious and unbelievable. It has all the ingredients of an absolute stinker but the fact that it is pulled off in a rather over-the-top pseudo-serious manner just adds to fun. This is a film to drop all pretensions, sit back and enjoy the flight. After all, it's called Snakes On A Plane!

I would give this movie 4 muthaf--kin' snakes out of 5.



Blogger Donovan said...

I got to say, I loved the bit where the lights went out and someone at the back of the plane shouts out "It's the snakes!"

8:29 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I loved the lady attempting to throw up in a sick bag only to get a snake in her face.


9:24 pm  
Blogger Donovan said...

And the guy taking a slash...

I would have liked to see the big snake do a bit more.. it was awesome in it's own little scene, but that thing was huge!

10:07 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

I was hoping that SOAP wouldn't stink, but I really thought it would. How could something that cheesy be so freakin funny?!?

I laughed so much that I was actually crying at several stages in the film! There is no way I can give that movie any less than 5 OTT death scenes out of 5. It's what 5 stars were made for! :D

12:43 am  

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