Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Cram Before The Storm

As Lou and I near the end of our time at our current abode I have to say that I do not have any mixed feelings about leaving for pastures new. The place has served us well and was a huge leap forward from our previous dwelling with insufferable downstairs neighbours and an idiosyncratic upstairs resident. I also remember looking at several housing potentials before we found our near perfect present accomodation which varied from run-down shacks with dust, mould and built-in depression to great places that were agreed to other renters before we arrived. The drawbacks of our current residence include people using our private car-parking, a loud yapping dog courtesy of our downstairs neighbour who will be getting a call courtesy of an anonymous call to the RSPCA as I have occassionally heard said animal yelp in a manner of mistreatment and never once seen him take it for a walk. Apart from the dog which is out of our control, it has therefore been a pleasant stay with the bonus of location to work and city centre far outweighing any downsides. Neverthless, it has reached the point of natural conclusion where a change of lifestyle is welcome and there are no ill-feelings within this process. It's the perfect break-up scenario I suppose.

Another good thing to come out of the move is the process of shedding months and years or accumulated bunkum. Our key is to bring as little as possible with us this time as our next destination is New Zealand. A lot of things have been thrown out including old clothes which have been deposited at a clothes bank and an old computer desk that has passed its MFI lifespan thrown with gusto into a skip. Where possible things have been sold such as the microwave and VHS/DVD player. Still up for grabs is a 17" widescreen TV, DivX player, PS2 and drumkit, the latter probably being the hardest to sell. It will probably appear in the local ads section of the newspaper in the near future. If you're a budding drummer in the Belfast area ad reading this then now would be a good time to contact me for a bargain.

Thanks for your patronage. Have a good day and see you tomorrow.


Anonymous Jenny said...

The Fastfude classifieds might be able to help with the drum kit sale...

8:32 pm  

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