Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Square Sunday: Barren Carousel Family Sideshow

This was my last Square Sunday event as I will be in South Wales next week but it was certainly one of the most memorable, not only due to the skill involved in the act itself but because I used to go to school with the man in the middle.
Behind the rouge and false moustache I recognized that it was not just Colonel Finch and his unbreakable skull but a fellow named Simon Llewellyn from my Methody days.

I had heard he had performed at the Millennium Dome on NYE 1999 and was spotted outside Castle Court peforming a few years ago so I assume he has spent the last few years putting together this trio.

The show began with some childish humour for the benefit of the front row consisting mainly of familes with young children before proceeding to something we could all enjoy. The girl in the left of the picture, Ruby Barren, performed some excellent body contortion pieces whilst the girl on the right, Tulip Barren, performed on the aerial ribbon and was equally good. Simon juggled some footballs before they all performed together either on the trapeze bar or a skit in front of the audience.

The fantastic weather certainly helped and I hope it remains dry for the last of the events on Sunday. If you have never been, I highly suggest you come down at 2pm or 4pm and check it out. It's free and well worth the effort. I am keen that Belfast City Council enhance these performances in terms of running them throughout the year and that next year is bigger and better than before.


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