Monday, September 11, 2006

Betting On A BBQ

You may notice I've changed the layout of the blog a little so let me know what you think. Web design should probably not be done after 6 cans of cider at midnight on Friday but I think it's turned out well.

It was a long week and the weekend was welcome relief. The weather also promised to play nice and indeed we had what I hope isn't the last BBQ of the year. It's great to be able to sit outside at 8pm in September and soak up the last of the warm air before autumn comes sticking its nose where it's not welcome.

We had a few friends over for poker and my luck was certainly not it all night. I was plagued with hands of 2's and 3's and nothing to use on the flop. My pile of chips soon dwindled into nothing and I took up role of DJ until midnight rolled around and a few people left and I decided to rejoin. After throwing in £2 for chips, Lady Luck threw her magic on my cards and pairs followed full houses and straights and before long I had won my money back from before plus another couple of pounds on top. Yay. By this time it was somewhere between 2-3am and my eyelids were getting heavy. Time to hit the hay.

On Sunday evening we deicided to watch a film called Brick. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt who played Tommy in 3rd Rock From The Sun and his role could not be more different. He plays a high-school loner who works his way into the underworld of his school drugs ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. He plays one person off against the other in his attempt to meet the leader of the ring - The Pin.
At first the some of the language used by the characters makes this a somewhat difficult film to understand with the subtelty of the dialogue and also that it's setting is in a high-school which makes the characters themselves seemingly out of place within the context of the film. However, there is a sound story within the structure and slowly everything falls in place.
Brick is a good first film by director Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to making bold choices in his career into films. Let's hope both actor and director continue to create bigger and better movies.

I would give this film 3.5 rocks away from the sun

Trust you all had a good weekend. See you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous Skry said...

I like the new Sigh-Fi layout. It looks a lot more personalised than the old layout and, of course, black is always good :D

I went to an Onam festival over the weekend, being held for the second year running in Lisburn. It was great fun and was very traditional, coming from the Kerala region of India.

Bar two very hot servings of something that looked like pesto and a finely chopped vegetable and red sauce dish, I must have tried around 8 to 10 different types of Indian meals, one of the points of the festival. If you get the chance to go to an Onam festival I highly recommend it, as it was really good fun and the Lisburn one in particular was cheap, well-organised and very professionally put together.

11:01 pm  

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