Friday, October 26, 2007

Dunedin, Catlain Coast and Queenstown

After Christchurch, Lou and I headed south and spent two days in Dunedin which is a nice place and Lou and I prefer it to Christchurch in some ways. It's a very student orientated town but there is still a fair amount to do in and around such as surfing - although the weather wasn't the best and our trip to St Kilda's beach was a quick jaunt before hopping back into the car!

We headed south for the Catlins Coast and spent two nights near Owaka where we were hit by 140kph winds - luckily we were staying in cabins so no tent disasters! It's a pretty place with lots of waterfalls and worth checking out.

We are in Queenstown at the moment on our third day and it's a very tourist fuelled hub but it is surrounded by mountains with snow capped peaks and there are lots of activities to do from it. Yesterday we went to Milford Sound and went on a two hour boat cruise after a fantastic journey through the mountain passes where avalances hit - it was a beautiful place.

Today is Lou's birthday and we're heading white water rafting - the weather is sunny and warm but we will be getting wet so I suppose it's swings and roundabouts. We have a restaurant booked for later and are staying in a nice apartment overlooking Queenstown.

We're having a great time and tomorrow we're heading for the village of Arrowstown where there is a ghost town nearby, Macetown before heading further north to Wanaka and then after that further north again to Mount Cook and Fox's Glacier.

Unfortunately still no photos as no internet machines have actual access to the tower and photos would take way to long and cost an arm and a leg to upload but I'm staying in my cousins hotwl soon at Fox Glacier so perhaps I will have a chance then.

See you soon for another update!


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