Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

With my combination of a slight hangover and the Wales vs Fiji Rugby World Cup game on TV it was a great opportunity to lie on the couch all afternoon and recover from the night before as well as renewing my energy for the night ahead as it was the Big Leaving Party at the Apartment.

The match would be one of the best so far in the World Cup and the party was certainly one of the best ever as Lou and I were surrounded by friends intent on having a great time. A special shout-out goes to a few people who travelled a distance to get there. I was thrilled that Chris and Eva made it over from Cardiff and I will certainly miss our trips back and forth during the year and look forward with great anticipation when they make it over to New Zealand. I was also chuffed that Peter flew over from London and we had a second brilliant night in two months as he also shared a table with Lou and I at Chris and Eva's wedding in August. Both nights were unforgettable.

Thanks to everyone for coming along and the photos (including more of the above survivors who made it through until the wee hours) can be found on my Facebook page.


Blogger Skry said...

That was a great fun night. I can't believe that I was as sober as I was when I got home, but considering it was 4-5am I don't think Col and I did too bad to share the last one back.

Big thanks to Chris' sister for the house party afterwards. Hope you didn't have too much to clean up the next day!

2:22 am  

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