Monday, September 17, 2007

Tries & Tribulations

You'll have noticed a slight drop-off in postings curiously mirroring the beginning of the rugby world cup and my decision not to bore you with details of tries, conversions, sin binning and sendings off.

If you're following the competition you'll know that Ireland's performances have been lackluster - and that's being too kind. Near wins over second-rate teams and failing to secure a bonus point against Georgia on Saturday put them in a precarious position when we come to play France on Friday since the home nation showed us how one plays such a side (beating them 87-10 last night).

Our soon to be country of residence, New Zealand, has been showing the world just how elevated their side is with comfortable thrashing of smaller teams and it is difficult to see how they would fail to reach the final stages unless they have a complete turnaround which looks very unlikely.

In other news, the folks have returned from holiday and Sunday was a day for readjusting to life in the house with lunch at odd times (3pm) and retreating to my bedroom for rest and relaxation, pouring over the Sunday papers and playing the DS.

This is Lou's last week in work which must feel great for her and I look forward to my last week next Monday and begin the gradual wind-down before the great adventure begins. Already I have been noting that certain things are being done for the last time and I think it will only hit on the last day when I tidy my desk and remove my personality in physical form before I leave in both body and mind.

I should warn you that I may not make as many postings over the next few weeks but I will be making a journal on my travels around New Zealand which will make its way here accompanied by many pictures which I hope will prove interesting for everyone.

I trust you had a great weekend whatever you got up to. Let me know if you did anything exciting and I will catch you tomorrow for some pictures I took of Belfast from my bedroom window as there has been a fair change to the landscape of the city since I last spent time enjoying the view.


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