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I loved Pedro Almodóvar's previous film 'Talk To Her' but found his next film 'Bad Education' difficult to watch, not only because of the sexual abuse inflicted upon the characters but that it lacked a spark that motivates the viewer to take a concerned interest in a movie. Perhaps it needs to be watched again. Perhaps not. Either way, his latest film 'Volver' is a film worthy of repeated viewing and once again Penélope Cruz has a lead role in an Almodóvar film.

Two sisters, Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and Sole and Raimunda's daughter Paula are close friends, each with their own nuances and minor personal sleights against each other for various reasons. After their Aunt Paula dies, Sole returns to the village for the funeral.

Agustina, Aunt Paula’s neighbor whose mother had disappeared without a trace three years ago, tells Sole that she has heard the aunt talking with Sole's departed mother, Irene. In her aunt’s house, Sole encounters the ghost of her mother, who had died in a fire many years ago. Has she returned because she has left something undone in her life that is preventing her to move on?

Meanwhile Raimunda and her daughter have a different death to cope with after Paco, Paula's adoptive father attempted to force himself upon her, and she stabbed and killed him out of personal protection. Raimunda and Paula drag to a nearby unused restaurant's freezer. In a bizarre series of events she finds herself suddenly in the restaurant business with a corpse hidden away.

Volver is a story about family secrets and unresolved issues and the complications of life in general. It's beautifully shot and delivered in an interesting way with the plot slowly but delicately rolled out as the film progresses.

Almodóvar is always an interesting director and Volver will do nothing but cement his international reputation as a skilled craftsman.

I would give this movie 7.3 out of 10.



Blogger Lou said...

A great film and one thats not just for the obsessive Almodovar fan.

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