Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Duke Special, Ulster Hall

Six of us booked tickets for Duke Special a few months ago and we were glad that we did because he sold out the place within weeks and I would imagine, given a larger venue, he would have sold that out as well. It's always great to see a local lad come good and last night was a joy to watch.

I caught him last year at the Empire and I didn't know any of his material but a few weeks after I quickly familiarised myself with his short but excellent back catalogue. Late last year he released a full length album 'Songs From The Deep Forest' which took a few listens to get into but now I think every song is a gem and a handful are minor masterpieces especially in a live context.

Great song after great song was played from the get-go and just when you were wondering how it could improve he pulls out the rabbit in the hat - a fabulous cover of 'Tainted Love' with Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy.

As usual he finished his double encore by moving into the crowd and getting everyone to sing 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight' by Dylan.




Blogger Skry said...

No photo's Phil? :-)

Yeah the gig was really good. I have to say that I really enjoyed myself and that I'd go to see him again given the chance.

It had a brilliant opening act by a guy from Brooklyn who had his own DIY instrument. A bit experimental but very entertaining!

Of course it was completely ruined for you guys by the Ulster Hall's terrible drinking policy. If you fancy complaining, try sending your rant to or visit their website for more info. I will be writing to them on my lunch break today... Capitalists...

9:14 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

No photos but there's a few videos up on youtube if you click on the link in the blog.

To fill in the info here regarding the drinking policy:

We arrived through the doors and bought 2 cups of wine each at £6 - £3 a cup - and made our way upstairs to our seats where we were told we couldn't bring our drinks through!

So four of us missed the opening act trying to guzzle two cups of red wine....

9:20 pm  

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