Monday, February 26, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is the second film by writers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the first being the hilarious 'zom-com' Shaun of the Dead.

The premise of Hot Fuzz is that Nicholas Angel, the London Met's finest officer, is moved to the sleepy town of Sandford because he's making the other cops look bad. However, under the belly facade of quiet country life is murder, plot and intrigue which doesn't go un-noticed by Angel, whose hard-hitting London Met attitude and by-the-book persona doesn't go down well with his new squad.

The style of Hot Fuzz is different to Shaun and welcomes the return of camera shots and sequences last seen in Spaced. The laughs are also more in your face and expletive-ridden and action-sequences are lifted straight from 80's and 90's blockbusters with, at time obvious, references to certain flicks - namely Point Break and Bad Boys 2.

Despite the plot being formulaic in terms of the action genre, it's tongue and cheek style and intended comedy, poking fun at itself makes the film highly watchable and enjoyable. It is full of well-known English actors popping up throughout without detracting from the substance. In all, it is a very well written action-comedy set in a quiet English town that doesn't take itself seriously and has many laugh-out-loud moments. I recommend catching it in the cinema.

I would give this film 8.7 detective moustaches out of 10.



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