Thursday, February 15, 2007


One has to wonder that if 20th Century Fox gave Mike Judge the opportunity to finish Idiocracy, it could have been a great comedy instead of a film so full of potential hilarity. Of course this isn't the first time that Fox has fiddled with one of his films. Office Space grossed a tiny $10 million at the domestic box office but several years later it was a comedy classic for anyone who's ever put in serious time in an office.

This time around the studio has once again done nothing to promote his movie. There were no posters or trailers released to theatres, television, or even press kits for media outlets provided. This has led to speculation in some quarters that 20th Century Fox may be actively trying to keep the film from being seen by a large audience, while fulfilling a contractual obligation to release the film in theaters before releasing it on DVD.

Luke Wilson plays Private Joe Bauers, an amazingly average man, who is used as a guinea pig for a secret military project to place him in hibernation for one year alongside prostitute named Rita. However, the man in charge of the project is arrested and the containers are carted off to a rubbish dump and left forgotten for 500 years. By this time, stupid people have outbred the intelligent population and IQ levels are at an all time low. Mankind is in a sorry state of disrepair. Can this average joe save the world before it totally destroys itself?

In watching Idiocracy, you can see that there are great ideas that fail to manifest into effective satire and much of the comedy is overlooked as the film progresses. This is a real shame but that does not make the film unwatchable. However, there is none of the quotable dialogue that is found in Office Space, nor a fondness for any characters which makes a second viewing unesscessary and a shame for Judge.

Worth renting if there aren't any other goof-ball comedies on the rental shelf.

I would give this film 5.6 IQ out of 10



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