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Pierrepoint follows the career of Britain's most prolific hangman, Albert Pierrepoint, from his enrollment in 1932 to his resignation in 1956. He is brilliantly played by Timothy Spall who eloquently deals with internal turmoil and duty to the job.

The film shows that even with the most awful jobs, they can be carried out by normal people but they are ultimately life-changing and soul-destroying.

Albert is credited with having executed an estimated 433 men and 17 women besides over 200 Nazi war criminals.

An interesting part of the film concerns how Albert's profession affects his friends and family. He marries a local girl Anne Fletcher and they have a close relationship although they never discuss his work. The film expertly deals with the subject of capital punishment through the eyes of an executioner who takes no joy in his work but pride in making it quick and efficient.

Following the close of WW2, he became a celebrity being hailed as a sort of war hero, meting out justice to Nazi war criminals. This attracted both support and abuse from the public which made home life untenable. An altercation with the Home Office, forced Albert to hand his resignation.

Pierrepoint is a fantastic film which draws the viewer into the past and into the shoes of Albert and his unenviable position of noose man. The acting and period pieces combine to form a solid movie from start to finish.

I would give this film 8.7 trapdoors out of 10.


Blogger Skry said...

Now that sounds like a great film! Will have to check it out.

Speaking of which, I saw Rocky last night. I'm pretty busy in work atm but I'll try to write you up a review at some stage.

12:08 am  
Anonymous Steve said...

Just finished watching this, good show!

I was impressed by Pierrepoint's professionalism and detachment from the emotion of the situation, an inspiration if there ever was one!

8:00 am  

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