Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can Two Wrongs Make it Marmite?

We seemed to catch a glimpse of summer yesterday before winter pulled the sheets from us and brought us back into the wet, dullness of pre-spring.

We made the most of our newly aquired roof terrace and spent a serene and welcome coffee break sitting against the sun-soaked wall getting some much needed and sorely missed Vitamin D. Interesting fact that only ten minutes of daily exposure to sun supplies the body with our the RDA of Vitamin D that we need.

However, it was difficult to catch any sunshine on the way home yesterday because a) it was dark and b) Lou and I were trapped in the car coming back from the gym because some guy got ran over by a bus causing thousands of cars to seek alternative routes which back-logged urban routes coming in and out of the city centre for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. We were in gridlock for 30 minutes which allowed me to get out of the car, cross the road, pick up groceries and get back into the car 10 feet down the road. The inquest as to why this happened and the ensuing chaos should prove interesting.

Another distasteful event, at least in culinary terms, puts two items that many, myself not included, find entirely disagreeable. Limited edition Guinness Marmite!

I can literally see some of you screwing your face at such a mix but I firmly intend to purchase it and try it out.

Watch this space!


Anonymous Jenny said...

Seeing the traffic chaos yesterday, I was extremely glad to be able to get the train home from work. Between Cromac Square and Central Station (a very short distance), I counted ten buses sitting at a standstill, no doubt full of very frustrated passengers going nowhere. I also got a really good view from the train of all the cars and lorries at a complete standstill on the Sydenham bypass. Skry got a more direct experience of that particular traffic jam!

9:47 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

Yes, a little too direct if you ask me - over an hour in the car to get from Tesco's at Knocknagoney to the entrance of the airport at Knocknagoney. About 40 car lengths.

We ended up driving over the grass between the motorways, doubling back to get into the airport. We ditched the car there and my lift decided to take the train home. Our 30 minute trip took 1 hour 45, but I heard that many people were stuck for a lot longer.

Out of interest the bloke that got ran over was apparently a jumper, committing suicide by throwing himself off a bridge into oncoming traffic. I agree with people's right to suicide, but they should never inflict it on anyone else let alone an entire city. Like the BBC article says: "The driver of the bus was said to be shocked and shaken by the incident."

Some people may never get over witnessing something like that...

12:19 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I wondered why someone would have been killed there if it wasn't suicide.

If you're right and he did jump in front of the bus then he's an asshole and I'm glad he killed himself without anyone else getting hurt although you're also right in that many people who witnessed it will never forget it.

12:40 am  

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