Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Boomerang Clothes

Different scene outside your window now
Same VCR, same cats
Different people at the very same job
Similar alley, different rats
The trash goes out on a Tuesday now
You got to make a note about that

Dismeberment Plan - "Spider In The Snow"

The extraneous thing about moving house is not just getting used to the new layout and where you've put everything as I've occasionally been sheepishly looking for a cereal bowl in the morning in the wrong cupboard or turning the wrong way coming out of the living room towards the front door instead of the kitchen.

It's about peeking out through the blinds and checking to see what day your neighbours put which bins out. This is especially worrisome when you have an excess amount of rubbish and recyclables and fear you'll miss the collection and have to stash away decomposing waste for a fortnight and then your bin will be full again after 2 days.

I've also noticed, with the amount of recycling that we do, that the small blue bin is not big enough. I wonder why they chose a small size since the black bin and the brown bin are normal size? They must have thought that people wouldn't recycle anything or that it would be a phase and we would grow tired of doing our bit for the planet.

It's also a nuisance that they haven't introduced a receptacle for glass bottles. In a previous abode, we used to have a kerb-side bin that we could place bottles, cans and paper in but according to the guidelines, this cannot be done with the larger and more convenient blue bin.

It's not too bad I suppose as Lou and I recycle our glass bottles at the supermarket. They cater for all types of recycling there including clothes which reminds me that I have several hideous fashion mistakes [gifts I may add] which someone will enjoy wearing. I'm sure you've read or
seen on TV that most of the bin bags with notes attached coming through your door are scams which end up back in shops in NOrthern Ireland and are resold to the unknowing public.

Welcome to the 21st century - where you have to be wary about what clothes you wear now, how you give them away when you don't want them and the potential to buy back the same thing a while later when it becomes fashionable again.


Blogger Skry said...

I think your bin is small because the people before you were too broke/cheap to pay for a full-sized bin after their one was stolen.

The same thing happened when we lived at Killowen Street, but we were lucky enough to know someone who worked for the council at the time and was able to get us a full-sized bin on the cheap.

Either way, unless you're a pensioner or just don't bother recycling much, I agree that the small bins are a waste of time for 2 or more people...

12:41 am  

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