Friday, January 06, 2006


Went to see Factotum last night with Lou. It's based on the Charles Bukowski novel of the same name and stars Matt Dillon as Henry Chinaski, Bukowski's drunken, gambling, womanising alter-ego. From what I can gather from other reviews of those who have read his novels, Dillon pulls off Chinaski down to a tee, including his body movement and mannerisms. He does make it look like life itself is a chore with writing being his only relief. However, watching this film is like watching a drunk unkle at a party. Entertaining for a while, but not for an entire evening. Whilst the humour involved in his antics and down and out ways is enthusing at first, it soon becomes expected and I guess that is the point of the film. I have read Post-Office and thought it entertaining but at least that had a theme to it. Rather Factotum is a film encapsulating Chinaski's life in general, in a nut shell, as a drifter to the tenets of women, booze and gambling. As a fan of Bukowski, I can see how this film showing the generalities of Chinaski would be considered the definitive filmatic version of his most generalised novel. However, as a first time introduction, the films slow pace becomes a weight around the neck and I left the cinema feeling like it had just done enough to warrant the money spent on it. Perhaps I should go and read some more Bukowski. Not a bad thing.

I would give this film 3 part time jobs out of 5



Blogger Skry said...

Despite the 3 out of 5, you made that film sound quite repetitive - think I'll give it a miss. Is it one of those films that could have done with being half the length it actually was?

Also, following on from your Sports and Social idea, I have managed to talk a whole 3 people into coming out for food. It's only been 5 odd months since we went out for lunch last. At this rate it'll be a twice-yearly event at best... Boring bastards!

12:16 am  
Anonymous lou said...

It was kinda repetative, but i think that was the point of the story. It was actually only 1hr1/2, but it seemed longer. It was passable, mainly because of a few funny moments.

12:38 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

It was one of those films where you get the impression that the book might have been better, but then most books are better than the film.

I'm impressed I managed to get a Social Event onto the Monthly staff meeting agenda and quite prooud of the fact too.

the director mentioned karioke which would be interested to say the least so I will have to plan that for the end of the month. Details to follow!

2:21 am  

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