Monday, December 19, 2005

Keep It Unreal

Mr Scruff was back in town on Friday night and the place was packed with people ready to get their funk on. History repeated itself and once again we all danced for hours on end before the beat got the better of us and we left around 2am. I was accosted by a total stranger during an encore, who was slightly pummelling my stomach in what I took to be some strange ritual. However, after leaning into my ear and calling me a "fucking pussy" I did the only honourable thing and dug him in the stomach. My friend Richard separated us and I continued jiving for the rest of the song. Said asshole remained in a standing position on the dancefloor looking into oblivion. Lou and I left and met up with Don and his brothers [the 3 amigos] at our place and we sat up drinking until 5.30am. By which time I think we all decided it was now or never to get some shut eye.

Unfortunately I'm reaching an age where all-nighters have implications well into the next couple of days and I was feeling the lethargy for the rest of the weekend. Bar getting in some last minute christmas shopping and picking up a few groceries, Saturday and Sunday were spent lying around on the sofa playing San Andreas and yawning until I cried. Where did my youthful vigour go?

In other news, this week is looking like one long wind-down in work in direct proportions to the increasing amount of partying to be done outside of the working week. My last day is on Thursday and we're booked into St James South for lunch which will set us up for a huge piss-up in bar or bars afterwards. They are serving nouvelle cuisine and I hope this will be sufficient to line the stomach of my belly for the amount of alcohol that every one of us will enjoy when we hit the beer. I've also plans to make mulled wine on Thursday morning so I hope the day doesn't turn into one long blur!

Hope you had a great weekend yourself and have all your shopping done because there's nothing worse than last minute rushing to complete the santa sack.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous Lou said...

It was certainly funkalicious but once again would have liked to hear more of the soul styled breezeblock stuff. At least there were no phantom records chucked into the crowd this time!

7:38 am  

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