Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Bird In The Hand

Only a weeks worth of days left before I finish for Xmas and I can't wait to be off - like anyone loves working around this time of year? I've also felt that gravitas you get when the year is coming to a close and you metaphorically tie up or cut loose ends that you don't want to be bothered with in the new year. I certainly feel it in work more than I do at home. I've lost 2 bosses this year to pregnancy and although I have set up new ties with my current boss, I know she will be leaving soon into 2006 and I will have to set about reconciling with my old director whom I got along famously with but I'm sure having a child knocks your world viewpoint out of synch and things wont just slip back into place like finding an old pair of comfortable shoes.
As for home, it's more getting rid of the amount of clutter that has found it's way into the nooks and crannies of the flat than anything else. Our airing cupboard still has a four man tent in it and I doubt I will be needing that for at least 6 months.

Additionally, a sigh of relief can be breathed as the shopping in regards to presents has been fulfilled and I am free to ponder who my secret Santa is and what they will see fit to award me with. Pending a successful event, I think people will no doubt want to repeat this next year. It is far easier finding a good present for one person than trying to accommodate 8 or more people on limited funding and you can never really afford to give them that one thing you see that you know they will love. In regards to food and drink shopping, this list has nothing crossed off it. The market at the city hall closes in 5 days and I want to buy some odds and sods for the larder [Editor's note - he means more sausage and cheese] and then there is still the question as for what to cook for Xmas lunch/dinner. Lou wants turkey, I want duck. Someone suggested we compromise and buy goose. Perhaps not a bad idea but will this bird fly with Lou? I'm game. [Editor's note - I think he's gone cuckoo]

Suggestions for Xmas day food to the usual place. My turn to cook tonight and at least I know what I'm cooking this far in advance. Catch you tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. Georges market will be open next Friday. There should be enough cheese there to satisfy even your musical tastes.

9:59 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

There's never enough cheese! :)

Yes, if anyone fancies tagging along for a cheese binge and bratwurst consumption, let me know :)

10:39 pm  
Anonymous Macules said...

I might be tempted to pop along for a nibble...

11:06 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

Love the bird puns - I'm proud to call you brother! :P

I'm off next Friday, so I'll go along to any food-related event in town (well, I'll eat the cheese but no non-veggie bratwurst for me). It's a good way to ensure that I get out of bed and into town for any shopping that I still need to get.

I ordered from Amazon today and I think that should be everything for me. I'm sure that I'll remember someone else when it's too late, but for now I think I'm sitting pretty.

Phil if you want to know about your Secret Santa, it's Mac and he's getting you the book "Use Your Loaf: An Expert's Guide To Slacking" by Laze E Bastard.

12:21 am  

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