Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Parts Of The Process

It's true what they say that people do not read what is there but only what they want to read. Said people when querying what they have read, question the validity of it to the person that placed it, and do not allow said person to respond legitimately to them but rather talk over the top with a degree of self righteous pomp. I would like to believe that universal karma will at some point swiftly and deftly deliver a blow to these docile self righteous twits at a point of severe vulnerability and they will have a sudden revelation of just how they have been reacting to those who actually have recognition and appreciation for other peoples efforts.

Such a convoluted narcissistic rant I hear you cry! It comes with the territory and is the nature of the beast regarding an area of work I am currently undertaking. However, such folk are few and far between and for the most part it has been a pleasant process.

A few weeks ago I placed advertisements in various newspapers around the province. It was an expensive undertaking and you may question the validity of placing such public notices in local papers. Does anyone under the age of 50 read them? Do you read that local paper that falls through your letterbox? I certainly do not. I did one time and it was full of the same photograph of a local MP that I did not know nor care for posing for causes I doubt he cares about save for making him look good. Conceited. Moi?

These public notices advertised roadshows regarding a grant process that was now available to apply for. And to get back to my original point, the material was available to download on our website. Apparently some people have problems using this mysterious and magical thing called "the internet". Said people also have problems in conversation in that they don't understand the basic principles whereby they ask a question and wait for a response. Said people interrupt mid-sentence asking that which you are about to reveal and then complain afterwards that they were not given the advice needed. Open your frickin' ears, take a deep breath and...listen!
Hear that? It's the sound of me not giving a shit.

Anyway, 5 emails, 3 conversations with other staff members and a confabulation with my boss revealed that this lady is a complete tool so I feel somewhat vindicated. I'm hoping that her application form will be somehow incorrectly filled out and will become invalid. Guess who looks through them for inconsistencies?

See you tomorrow for up to 100% less chip on shoulder!


Blogger Skry said...

LOL I always hated working with the public. I was once told "A person isn't stupid, people are stupid". Well excuse me, but there are a lot of very stupid people out there! :-)

Hopefully this magical interweb hypernet thing that you are using to mystically allow people to download files will become idiot-proof one day and everyone will be able to use it.

And the day before this happens, Microsoft will die!

12:08 am  

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