Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On The Waterfront

Last night was the end of year event at the Waterfront coinciding with International Volunteer Day. A few of in work volunteered our time although not in the true sense because we were paid in T.O.I.L. [See yesterday's section].

Part of my job was to meet and greet Nuala McKeever. She was due to arrive at 5pm but by 5.40pm there was no sign of her and from the expected 200 guests, only half had turned up. My director was getting worried. At 5.50pm, Nuala arrived and I walked her up the two flights of stairs to the dinner area. I knew the traffic was bad and thought that this might explain her lateness so I politely enquired as to her ineptitude of turning up on time and having me pace the ground floor for nearly an hour.
"I hear the traffic is murder."
"Actually" she replied, "I was here in 10 minutes."
What a bitch I thought. I handed her the cheque which contained her pay for the night.
"Oh thanks" she said, "I'll be off then."
"I wouldn't try it, it's been post-dated."
Smart arse.

After depositing her to our marketing manager, I grabbed Richard and we made a concerted effort to make as many swoops on the drinks table as possible. MMmm, cheap Cava. Guinness/Diageo were supposed to sponsor the event but pulled out at the last minute, probably after blowing their budget on another series of pompous TV adverisements, leaving the Agency to pay for everything.

We settled down to our seats and a series of speakers took the stage reiterating the importance of volunteering, the great job that volunteers do and the impact they have on the community and the province in general, some more sincere than others. There was a great sketch from the Bangor Drama Club as two members performed a scene from The Odd Couple, the classic film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. And yes, I must give credit where it was due, Nuala McKeever was funny too. Then finally dinner.

By this time, things were running nearly an hour late and I'm pretty sure the starter was supposed to be served warm [aubergine, red pepper, courgette] but at least the main course was [parma wrapped chicken]. Nevertheless, the rest of the night ran smoothly and it was a success. Awards were given out and there was good chat around the table.

By the time it was over I was absolutely shattered following a social heavy weekend and after sharing a taxi, I went straight to bed when I got in through the door.


Blogger Skry said...

"I wouldn't try it, it's been post-dated."

Cracker! I think I would have pressed her on being late - what was she gonna do, not turn up? She'd already did that for the first hour... Bit of a bummer that you ended up having such a bad start to the night, but at least it sounds as though it ended well.

Know when you're using your TOIL?

12:12 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I'm going to use it for long lunches as the markets are in town and it's great to grab something to eat from the stalls and take it to the beer tent!
We've had to rush everything in the past but it would be nice to have 30 minutes more to relax and enjoy the atmosphere :)

1:30 am  

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