Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Command & Conker

The Conker kick-off yesterday was a good result for fun and a bad result for me. Alas, I was beaten by my co-worker but there was some great smashing action and everyone enjoyed playing or watching. Today is the 2nd round leading to the quarter finals on Wednesday. There's still a chance for victory however because of a wildcard rule in the semi's and possible droppage of players. Bring it on.

I also visited the City Hall market again and purchased some cheese, smoked and cherizo sausage. The cheese was a little gamey but the smoked was delicious and the cherizo is going to be eaten for lunch today. I also bought some wheat crackers last night and brought in the cheese I had picked up on Saturday for lunch this week which will be washed down with cranberry juice. Mmmm. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity for special burgers and there was a stall selling kangeroo, springbok, boar and other kinds of bap filling meat of unusual variety. They were also selling aligator fillets! I would have bought some but it was pretty pricey and I'm saving my money for consecutive return trips to munch my way through bratwursts, crepes and sweet pastries.

Lou and I started playing Call of Duty 2 last night and it's difficult but rewardingly challenging. This time around you are playing the Russians and begin by holding Stalingrad from the invading German forces. Unfortunately, your comrades dress very much like the Nazis and occasionally I will shoot the crap out of my commanding officer and have to repeat the mission. Nevertheless, it's a small blight on an otherwise improvement over the original. The sounds are amazing and when the bullets are whizzing overhead, you really appreciate the niche bunker you're hiding behind trying to take pot shots at opposing forces sticking their heads above the rubble.

Tune in tomorrow for more conker debacle and nonedescript babble.

See you then folks.


Blogger Skry said...

Bummer that you went out of the conker thing so quickly. Then again you were organising it, so had you have won people would have cried "FIX!". Would have been nice to have lost in the final all the same...

Must get that game when I get a better PC. That's going to be a while, but the next one is gonna be sweet!

12:16 am  
Anonymous lou said...

Ahhhhh...soon i will be able to kill nazis again......soon.....
Sweet violent relief that allows my boss to live another day.

3:38 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Sounds like what you need is a wall made of planks and three axes to throw at it.

Just so you guys know, I'm currently trying to arrange a later flight from here.. travelocity is being very difficult but I hope to know within a day or two. I'll also update the blog soon, I'm very busy and tired with the bus touring, though that finishes on Friday in Christchurch.

Bungee jumping rules! Rules I tells ya! Nearly as much as hammering out, carving and polishing your own knife. Anyway, more info in due course.

9:10 pm  

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