Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Constant Gardner

Instead of dinner at the folks on Tuesday, we had a family outing to see The Constant Gardner.

It's based on the John le Carré novel of the same name and directed by Fernando Meirelles responsible for the amazing City of God.

The Constant Gardner concerns a British diplomat played by Ralph Fiennes who is stationed in northern Kenya.

His wife, a political activist, is murdered in dubious circumstances and he embarks on a personal quest to find out who was responsible uncovering more than he bargains for as the cover-up goes much further than anticipated.

It is certainly a slow burning film, the first half hour drifting along introducing you to the characters, especially the relationship between Ralph Fiennes and his wife before turning into political cover ups and the gritty reality of life in Africa.

The material is nothing new in terms of political espionage and a central character after the truth. In fact, The Constant Gardner is not unlike a serious version of the comedy action film Sahara starring Matthew McConaughey.

It is a gripping film and will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar. I would highly recommend checking it out.

I would give this film 4 petunias out of 5.



Blogger Skry said...

I agree - it was an excellent movie. Slow to begin with, but very fast-paced and with a great finishing scene.

Why call it "Constant Gardner" though? There was no gardening in it. Yeah the guy's hobby when he was in England (rarely) was botany, but that only really meant trimming the cacti in a few pot-plants.

It would have been better if it were called "Another Death In Africa, But You'll Care This Time Cause She's White" or something like that...

Great film - highly recommended. I give it 4 randomly named things out of 5.

12:08 am  

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