Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh The Horror

On Friday night, Lou and I watched The Changling. It's a 1980 horror film starring George C Scott who plays John Russell, a composer and music professor, whose wife and daughter he loses in a tragic accident. Seeking solace, he moves into an empty mansion that is possessed by a child-like presence that demands justice for it's murder in life. Following a seance, Russell puts together the clues to help him track down the details surrounding the death of the child in order for it to leave the house and move on to the next world.

The film itself bubbles along at a fair old pace but lacks something to give it anything more than a watchable performance. I'm sure that there is a great film in there but it gets lost in it's own inertia and the effects look pretty dated. But worry not my friends because it is getting the Hollywood remake treatment! Oh yes, no film pre-1990 will remain untouched by idea-bereft Holywood and a schlock retuning will be winging its way to the silver screen in the next year or so. In the meantime, you can get your original fix so you don't have to watch a poorly crafted re-jig.

I would give this film 3 wheelchairs out of 5

On Saturday, Secret Santa was chosen evening and now the nail-biting begins as everyone racks their brains as for what to get their allotted friend. We also met Brians new girlfriend for the first time and it turns out that she went to the same primary school as Lou. Photo albums were brought out and finger pointing and giggling ensued as to where said people was now and anecdotes regarding old classmates. It makes you think about what happened to your own friends when you were aged 5-11 and where they are now. Married with children, living abroad, perhaps still living in the house they were born in. I would quite like to have a reunion and find out.

Sunday was a very relaxed affair spent watching Babylon 5 and finishing Quake 4. I hate games with ridiculous bad guy end fights. They always take place in a big square room with pillars to hide behind and the boss is taller than an office block. The big gun you pick up on the last level is just what the dude hates and his minions have left behind a huge cache of weapons, health and ammo. Thanks guys!

I also watched Notting Hill on channel 4. This film has some of the worst soppy lovey dovey songs in the history of chick flicks. I think I would have enjoyed this film if they had used some decent tunes. It also sufferds from Fast Forward Secondary Character Syndrome where in a series of montages, all the background characters have their own little triumph for that real feel-good push towards the ending credits.

As such, this film gets 1.5 foppish grins out of 5.

Hope you had a good weekend. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous lou said...

There was a good story burried somewhere in The Changeling, but it took far too long to develop and contained plot points and scenes which seem very contrived watching it today.

It was fairly bizzare recognising someone you haven't seen in 15 years, but it was fun to reminisce and catch up. However those photos will once again be banished to the dark dusty corner of the wardrobe they escaped from!

11:04 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

It's a small world alright. Don meets up with people in NZ, you coincidentally meet up with Jude... It's uncanny how things like that work out.

I wouldn't mind a reunion from primary school either. It's the sort of thing I loved going to in Methody, but then again I usually went for the wine and to see what the school looks like now - everyone I give a shit about from school I still keep in touch with, so I wouldn't bother going for the company (unless my school friends were also going!).

I just realised that in 2 years time it'll be our 10 year anniversary reunion in Methody! Doesn't seem like that long ago...

12:41 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

10 many repressed memories... ;)

3:24 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Secret santa??? Guess i'm not party to such things over here...

9:27 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

Don, you were included in all the secret santa emails and i presumed you had replied yes to Phil because he put your name in the draw. Your secret santa person is on a crumpled up bit of paper that is being kept at our place for your return.

10:15 pm  

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