Monday, November 28, 2005

Sausage Fest

The Beer Festival was better than last year with, I believe, a wider selection of various ales, stouts and assorted beverages. Around 8 of us met on Friday afternoon and got stuck in, leaving at mid-day close at 4pm. I stupidly bought 10 pints worth of tokens. Not even George Best could have stuffed 10 pints in him in 3 hours and I wouldn't come close but boy did I try. Needless to say, some of us were worse for wear on leaving and by 6pm it felt like midnight and I wasn't the only one ready for bed. Nevertheless, we struggled on regardless and Lou and I crawled into bed sometime nearing 1am. I awoke in the middle of the night with the mother of all hangovers. Cue stumbling to the kicthen and fumbling for 2 nurofen and back to bed until Saturday afternoon.

With the onset of winter, the warmth of the bed becomes more and more appealing and I have found myself sleeping longer as I know the rest of the house will be cold. In warmer times, I would put on a dressing gown and watch Saturday Kitchen over coffee and toast and cast my jealous eye at Keith Floyd who would be somewhere in the Mediterranean soaking up the rays and cooking up some delicious meal on the side of a mountain with locals looking on in wonder.

I still had 5 tickets left from the previous day but there was no way I could face another barrage of beer. Early afternoon, Lou and I hooked up with Brian and Jude at the City Hall as there are food stalls set up until the depths of December. Most stalls were selling chocolates, cheeses, meats and treats and I bought some wild boar and pheasant sausages and a selection of cheeses.
I am going back for more today!
Town was packed with Xmas shoppers and I followed Lou around trying to find matching hat and scarves but nothing seemed to work with the coat I bought her for her birthday so we ended up leaving with nothing but meat and cheese.
I was still reeling from the beer festival punishment and anything attempted became a real chore as I was utterly exhausted. I wasn't in the mood for doing anything and was on autopilot from early evening, climbing into bed around midnight more knackered than I can ever remember being in a long time.

Today we're beginning a conker tournament in work and I'm looking forward to a trip to City Hall at lunchtime for crepes and more sauasages!

Find out if I won tomorrow!


Blogger Skry said...

That beer festival was something else. I really enjoyed myself at it, a lot more than I did last year.

And you're right Phil - the beers were better. Not a single keg of Jenny's Jungle Juice (aptly named - it tasted like the Amazon) to be seen. they must have found out who was selling crap and told them to replace it with good drinks or be replaced themselves, cause there wasn't a single ale or bitter that I tried and did not finish.

Bummer that it wrecked you so badly for Saturday, but you did run a great-fun game on Sunday. Avast, Dwarven land-lubbers! Splice the beards and hoist the main-braces!

I did see the remians of a pretty nasty crash on the way to work this morning - look out for it on the telly tonight, cause it was a fucking mess! I didn't see the accident happen, but the first of 3 or 4 ambulances drove past me in Belfast while I was waiting for my lift and it took us 90 minutes to make a 20 minute journey.

It looked like the 3 main cars involved had all hit each other head-on at high speed, which obviously couldn't have happened (especially on a motorway - it could be a head-on between two cars, not all three) but it gives you some idea of the damage done. Glass everywhere, cars cut open by damage and firemen and tons of emergency workers everywhere. Oh yeah, and a new Nissan Micra with practically no bonnet - dunno where the engine disappeared to, but I hope it didn't slide back into the drivers area...

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