Friday, November 25, 2005

Belfast Beer Festival 2005

It kicked off yesterday but the Belfast Beer Festival is back again this year and we're all taking half or full days off work to attend!

Last year was a great event and together we sampled over 30 ales, stouts, ciders and god knows what.

This year there are over 120 beers available with 50+ served every day until close on Saturday evening.

Fortunately I still have the beer list from 2004 with gradings from 0-5 so we can avoid the bad stuff and concentrate on whetting our lips with past favourites and new and exotic fermented carbonated beverages.

Hope to see everyone there for the start of a great weekend.

See you Monday!


Anonymous Emer said...

Hey guys

Nothing to do with the Belfast Beer festival, but I was given a couple of things here at work today that I was wondering if any of you wanted.

01. Aquazone II Real Aquarium Simulator. My best reason for asking is that I know Phil and Trevor both have an aquarium..hehe.
This comes with a book, postcards, a foldery thing and a start up guide in Japanese (with useful screenshots if you dont speak the lingo) in an unnecessarily large box.

RRP in JPY 6800

02. Enter the Matrix Collectors Edition Game I presume. This comes with a t-shirt (medium) (which makes it collectable I suppose and four CDS with a book in Japanese, all in, again, a STUPIDLY big box.

RRP in JPY 8800

If any of you want any of this stuff, tell me and I will bring it home,...yes, oversize collectors ed. boxes and all, and gift it to whoever wants it for the grand total of ... NOTHING. FREE! FREE! FREE!. Not even shipping costs from Japan to Norn Iron door to door delivery!
My only request is that somebody..... ANYBODY... Secret Santa me.

Hai iishou desu,

3:00 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I actually gave up the aquarium when I moved out of the house in 2002 so I will have to pass on that one as I don't have any space for it in the flat. As for the Matrix game is it a boardgame or PC? If it's a boardgame I wouldn't mind having it - I'm sure we could all have a go at playing it.

As for Secret Santa, I'm sure we can find somebody who hasn't been signed up for somebody else...

9:55 pm  
Anonymous Emer said...

Well luckily, you wont have to worry about space in the flat...both are computer games. We used to run a support line for a joystick producer called THRUSTMASTER... I know I know..... We have stopped doing support for them as we could find noone to play with their sticks... ahem! So we were left with all this software. Not an ACTUAL aquarium...hehe. The Matrix Game by the way is a computer game.

11:05 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

Thanks for the offer Emer, but I think I'm OK with fishy stuff and Thrustmasters. See yoou in a few weeks,


12:19 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I'll take the Matrix game thanks.

Can't refuse a gift horse in the mouth!

As for a fake aquarium...whhhyyy???

2:30 am  
Anonymous Emer said...

Thats it!! Choose the larger of the two boxes you sod!! ;o)

12:49 pm  

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