Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Comes Early

I was only on my way in this morning when I was bothered by a piss-artist driver. Not that I get bothered by drivers in work. I have a desk on the fourth floor and that would be quite a feat. But I digress. The event took place on Little Victoria Street:

I was 3/4 accross the street when a car came speeding around the corner and flew towards me, clearly over the speed limit. I didn't increase my pace. Why should I? I was crossing the road before this arsehole appeared on the scene. He flew past me and beeped his horn twice. I flipped him off in the hope that he would stop and I could throw a christmas cake I was carrying wrapped in tin-foil at his back windscreen but that was only an after thought - one of many including running up and kicking his side panel. Fingers were crossed and hexes placed that this loser will wrap his piece of junk around a lampost.

In other news, it was Xmas dinner at the folks place last night as neither Keith or I will be available on the 25th. I'm pretty sure everyone was happy with what they got - more so because they got what they wanted. The meal, while not strictly Xmas dinner [but then it's not exactly Xmas] was delicious and I finished before everyone else leaving room for pudding!

Drinks were poured and we sat down to watch an old Morgan Freeman film which was a little too long but enjoyable nonetheless, the name of which escapes me. By 11pm, I was falling asleep and ready for bed. I took a call from Peter during the film and he let me know that himself and Ian are back in town and I'm looking forward to catching up with them tonight. Everybody will be back by Friday and we're all hooking up on Saturday night for Christmas Eve drinks.

Tomorrow will be the last of blogs of 2005 but I will be posting the Top 20 films of the year between now and New Years so check back for that amongst whatever else is worthy of my penmanship.

See ya tomorrow.


Blogger Skry said...

Loving that pic - the car even looks like it's speeding! :-)

As for the folks last night, the film was called High Crimes (2002) and I thought it was really good. One of the few movies that promises a twist at the end that you never really saw coming until the end. Wasn't expecting it either (please don't blow the twist Phil :P I'm sure others will want to watch it!).

Everyone seemed happy with their presents but then again we are a practical family and everyone asked for what they got, so that was fair enough. I like being able to ask you "What do you want for Xmas/your birthday/etc) and be able to get a straight answer, and I like the fact that you ask me too.

It means that I know what I'm getting, I know it's gonna be just what I want and it is way better than hoping you've dropped enough hints or hoping that someone knows you well enough not to buy you boxers, socks or smellies!

3:05 am  

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