Monday, January 09, 2006

Against The Migraine

I was reading in bed on Thursday night when it hit. As I was setting my book down on the bedside table I was suddenly inflicted with an almighty migraine. An unbearable pain behind my left eye seemingly emmanating from the centre of my brain. I rolled about and massaged my head, getting up to take a few ibufrofen which was of no use. I was tempted to smash my head off the wall in the vain hope it might relieve pain by some extraneous trephining method. I must have fallen asleep around 2am and upon awakening, the pain came back in ever increasing circles and I foolishly came into work only to cry off home at 10am. I called into the pharmacy on my way home and picked up Migralieve. Once again the drugs did not work. I managed to sleep until 1pm and the pain had not diminished. As I had to wait 4 hours between popping pills, I thought taking the accross the counter goods would do the trick but as stated it was all in vain. Cue the afternoon spent rolling around the bed intermittingly looking up relief guides on the internet and causes of migraine. One site stated that coffee and cheese were the most likely causes. If this were the case, the French would be in a permanent state of psychosis.

By Saturday afternoon, a walk along the Lagan towpath with Lou had quelled the pain which I was grateful for because it was Brian's 27th birthday party that evening. We walked around the corner to his flat and presented him with tokens of our affections - 2 computer games of UFO: Aftershock and Dungeon Siege 2. Then we left for the Ginger Tree, a Japanese restaurant on Donegal Pass.

Unfortunatly the service was slower than the Bournemouth Zimmerframe Relay Race Team and the food was unremarkable - not bad but nothing to write home about. I certainly wouldn't be going back in the forseeable future. Nevertheless it was a good opportunity to catch up with Suzy and Ian and after sorting the bill out we headed to the Spring & Airbrake.

From here on in the night becomes a little fuzzy and the birthday boy tucked his tail between his legs and made for home around 11pm quite shit-faced but it was probably a good move as those who remained became totally inebriated. After many hours of skull-duggery, we got a taxi to Keiths and 20 minutes later got another taxi home again as I was demanding a bed to sleep on. In the morning I couldn't tell if I had a migraine or the mother of all hangovers but by later afternoon it was most certainly the latter and at least that was something that would go away through the use of fast food, coke and drugs.

Sunday evening was spent watching the first three episodes of a new series called Invasion which seems quite promising. It also marked the start of a new series of ER which has a new set of interns and only time will tell if the program has outstayed its welcome.

Hope you had an equally interesting weekend. See you tomorrow for more of the same.



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