Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

It's taken me a while to get to watching Napoleon Dynamite. It's a comedy about a dysfunctional nerd family set in a mid-west hick town. Napoleon struggles to fit in at his high-school because he is such a relentless geek and constantly tells lies and twisted truths of reality to make him sound cool but ultimately it makes him look even more of a dork.
He hooks up with newcomer loser Pedro Sanchez and they form their own close friendship based on them both being total social outcasts. Their attempts at seducing cheerleaders fall drastically short and they decide to run Pedro as school president because they believe he has a serious chance of winning - proving how deluded they both are.
Meanwhile Napoleons homelife is turned upside down as his grandmother goes into hospital following a sand dune buggy accident and Napoleons uncle moves in. Napoleon also has an older brother who is arguably more of a geek than Napoleon but is always boasting about his online girlfriend.
The film is slow in some parts and could have done with being a little faster paced but there were plenty of scenes that had me laughing out loud and there are plenty of funny characters to enjoy.
I would give this film 4 nerds out of 5.



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