Thursday, May 05, 2005

Roasted Wild Rabbit and Bacon with Lemon, Thyme and Parsley Stuffing

Colin cooked a rabbit for us last night with bacon, lemon, thyme and parsley stuffing. I had never eaten rabbit before so it was an interesting meal. It came skinned in a bag with head intact.
Tony took the lead in decapitation whilst Colin removed the innards and everyone else took one step back. Apart from the gutting process, preparation was pretty light compared to most of our meals and there was plenty of time for consumption of wine.
When the baking dish was removed from the oven it looked fantastic covered in bacon and surrounded by the balls of stuffing. However, I can say that rabbit tastes like turkey, not chicken. I always feel the turkey is an overlooked source of meat. It's not as compatible as chicken in regards to adding certain spices but when glazed and baked in an oven and covered in marinade it's great.
Nevertheless, if you were feeding more than 4 people I would recommend using two rabbits as there wasn't much meat on the bones. Kudos to Colin nonetheless as I wouldn't have known where to get a rabbit much less think about eating one.
The carcass was left to be used as stock so it will be interesting how that turns out. Next week it's my turn to cook so I better get on my thinking cap!



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