Thursday, April 28, 2005

Green Butchers

We watched a film called Green Butchers about two hapless friends who work in a butchers and are constantly harassed by their boss. Svend is a nervous sweaty irate man who argues constantly and is on the verge of breaking up with his fiancee. Bjarne is a 20 joint-a-day loser who tries to keep Svend in check. Things come to a boil with their boss and the boys quit to set up their own butchers. On their first day they have no customers and their old boss pays them a visit to rub it in by purchasing their meat to serve his high-brow buddies for dinner so they will no doubt remark that Svends marinade is awful and people will boycott the shop. This is preceded by an unlucky electrician that was accidently locked into the walk-in freezer the night before and dies. Overcome by rage, Svend serves his old boss a dozen fillets from the thigh of the electrician and awkwardly explains the predicament to Bjarne who is less than impressed. Bjarne is also in a quandry of his own as he needs money for the business. His brother Eigil has been in a coma for 8 years and for Bjarne to recieve the families wealth, Eigil must die. After being taken off life support Eigil, instead of dying, wakes up from his coma and relentlessly pursues Bjarne for solace. Bjarne also meets Astrid whom he falls in love with but can he keep the secret? Meanwhile the dinner is a resounding success and when word of mouth spreads people queue outside to get served. How will they ever keep up with demand?
What you get is a witty and humourous film about love and cannabalism. There are some great comedic sequences in the film and a running joke about shin kicking at opportune moments. I would certainly like to watch this again at some point.
I would give this film 4 meat hooks out of 5.



Blogger Donovan said...

Great film, it's amazing it managed to be so funny, combining cannibalism with a love story.

7:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you said you hated 'spoiler' reviews without a warning? You seem to have given quite a lot away....

10:25 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I do hate 'spoiler' reviews and I don't think I have given away anything more than the general set-up of the movie and it's main characters.

11:14 pm  

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