Thursday, April 21, 2005

Miso Ramen & Onigiri Toasted Rice Balls

Last night Brian created Miso Ramen and Onigiri toasted rice balls. The recipe came once again from the Wagamama cookbook although the links go to other recipes as the Wagamama site doesn't like to share the secrets!

It was all delicious and was washed down with generous helpings of vino of which I am suffering for this morning. We kicked back after dinner and watched some skating videos one of which was called Modus Operandi which was pretty cool although I wouldn't mind seeing more skating videos where the stunts go wrong.

I also tried my camera with the recharged batteries and it worked! Yay! It's funny that both my Sony products became faulty within a week of each other as my mp3 cd player also stopped working before I tinkered with it and got it working again.

I found this story quite interesting. Good news for people who love pies. So if you have love handles, don't worry. If you have love doors, then it's time to put down the fork!

I'm also working on a good game for tomorrow but if you find anything let me know by e-mailing me at the bottom of the page!

Catch you later peeps!



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