Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dead Man's Shoes

Saw Dead Man's Shoes last night. It's directed by Shane Meadows of 24:7 fame. A lot of his films seem to deal with gritty dramatical situations and Dead Man's Shoes is no different.
It's a revenge flick based on Richard, played by Paddy Considine, whose brother died at the hands of small time criminal drug pushers. He returns to his home town to make bloody revenge on leading his brother astray and finally killing him for kicks. There is added depth because his brother is somewhat mentally retarded and there are plenty of black and white flashbacks providing circumstance to explain the revenge element.
Considine pulls off a magnificant ability to really get inside the character and every little facial nuance shows a furrowed brow filled with pain. The other characters are played by seemingly amateur actors and also members of Considines own family but are more than adequate for their role.
However the film appears a little rough around the edges and the acting ability of the secondary characters sometimes lets the film down. Each new revenge sequence begins with the day and time for no apparent reason and, in the end, I found the film largely forgettable.
I would give this film 2.5 flashbacks out of 5.



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