Tuesday, May 03, 2005

25th Birthday

I awoke on Sunday morning with trepidation. Twenty-five years old. Feh!, what's the weather like outside, I want a BBQ! The weather looks...overcast! Arrrgh!
I looked up the regional forecast on BBC text. By 12pm it was to be sunny/white cloud, by 6pm it was to be pure sun. Yay.
At the folks house early afternoon. Get everything set up and then sat back and opened my first beer of many. Everyone started arriving from around 3pm and the weather was alternating between intermittent sunshine and the threat of possible precipitation. Brian got me a set of Boules for my birthday and we had a few games of that on the back lawn. Unfortunately with rainfall the day before all the balls landed with a splat. Still, it would be great to bring them to the beach in Dunfanaghy later in the year so something to look forward to there.
Needless to say there was an abundance of food and no one went hungry. I think the best memory of the day was sitting out on the front porch as the sun was going down and the city was full of haze and good cheer. Alas the problem with drinking from 2pm is lack of hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to fall asleep on the couch. So it was with great pity in hindsight that I did so at the incredibly early time of 11pm, get led to bed and fell instantly into drunken slumber.
I awoke several hours late with the king of hangovers but after a rest and hair of the dog, I was back on track again. I spent the afternoon playing computer games at Keiths and then met up back at the folks house as they were back from a holiday in Lanzerote. We ate the remainder of the food although had to settle for the oven as it wasn't looking great outside.
Needless to say I had a great time and thanks to everyone that could make it and certainly made me a happy chappy on my 25th.
[Photographs will follow in the days and most likely weeks to come!]


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