Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sydney Aqauarium

The Sydney Aqauarium is situated on the waterfront alongside many wharf restaurants and bars. It costs around $30 per adult and there is a $50 dollar ticket which allows access to a wildlife centre adjoining the aquarium.

Once inside, you are greeted by walls of tanks full of sea life both piscine and crustacean. As interesting as these initial displays were, we were drawn towards the centre display enclosure that had a crocodile in it. It lay motionless by the enclosure door so much so that I thought it was a fake. However, this whisper had just been uttered before it's jaws opened and closed and it back-glided into the water, it's eyes resting just above peering out like you would have seen on any documentary.

In the corridor between the main rooms, many more displays were exhibiting many strange and wonderful creatures from giant crabs, tortoises, tropical fish and the more sedentary starfish and suchlike.

One of the main attractions of the aquarium was the shark pool which had numerous kinds including flat-heads and ones that would make you wet your wetsuit if you met them in the sea - typically gliding through the water with their beedy eyes looking out into the dimly lit water possibly seeking an exit, probably resigned to the fact that they know there is no escape and so endlessly loop around waiting to be fed.

It's an interesting place and worth the money to see the life aquatic up close and personal (behind safety glass) that you would never (hope to) see in real life.

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Looks great! Glad you're having a good time out there!

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