Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tuesday was spent with Lorraine and the two eldest boys in a trip into Camden town to set up bank accounts. It was once again a pleasant day with the temperature in the low 20's and the route took us over a river bridge and past an abandoned vineyard (travesty!).

These outskirt towns are small in size but have all the amenities you need. It is basically one long strip with rows of shops and businesses of all kinds lined on either side.

When we arrived home we spent some of the afternoon on the internet getting bus and train timetables and firing off a few emails. That evening we met another of Lorraine's daughters Alison and her husband Bernie. They also have a wee bairn who is looked after by Natalie and Lorrain during the day so it's a veritable creche at times.

They also have dogs who live outside, labrador types, called Honey and Angel who are very approachable and wag their tails instantly when you move towards them. The back garden also contains two pet birds (they look like parrots to me), a swimming pool and a trampoline which the boys are obsessive about.

Tomorrow we venture forth into the city itself for some exploring and site-seeing.


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