Friday, July 25, 2008

A Night With Beau Tyler

Last night we went to see Beau Tyler (aka Peter Feeney) on his recent tour in which he mocks the oft-advertised self-styled help gurus as he sets showcases his unique one hour 'Failure Focused Personal seminar'.

I'd never heard of Beau Tyler until recently when he appeared in a Tip Top Memphis Meltdown series of television commercials playing on a theme of a similar vein as motivator of personality championing 'man-sized' hokey-pokey ice-cream and not settling for anything less.

We arrived early, walking in on the man himself who was with his wife and child. He was extremely approachable and spoke briefly to us, told us to enjoy the show and disappeared into the backstage area.

Not long afterwards, his technical assistant (for want of a better word) took photographs of us appearing happy and sad which would later be used in the performance. Having already met the man and been guaranteed to have some part in the evenings show, I was eager to for the curtains to rise.

The initial enterance and energy of the first twenty minutes was solid and the audience, for the most part, played their part and went with the flow.

As with any performance with public interaction, a difficult participator can make or break the act and unfortunately, Beau chose someone that had little interest in playing along and brought the vibe down a notch. In deference to this, Beau didn't let any of this phase him and did the best he could with the man in question for the remainder of the segment.

As a concept and show, it was certainly unique and interesting. It highlighted the absurdity of profession, poked a lot of fun at it and made us all laugh along. However, with the success of the performance based on audience participation, it is here where the make or break of Beau's act must be judged and on this occasion it was a good show.

Beau Tyler Website


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, did he use your photos? What for? Tell me more about the act! Glad you guys had a good night! :-)

5:29 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

He did indeed! His 'patented' failure programme showed us turning from happy productive people into sad wrecks of our former selves....

I also didn't know that he was in 30 Days Of Night (Poor Hollywood horror) and a Black Sheep (a sub-par Kiwi comedy horror).

Check out this YouTube video for more about the act:

6:42 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

I thought the show was pretty funny, although it was only an hour long. For $20 (about 8 punds Sterling) I thought there would have been more than an hour's material...

Still it had me in creases a couple of times, such as when he was decribing how you learn most when you fail so you should fail more often. "You learn a lot when the weather is terrible. What's a sunny day ever did for you?"

As for the other films he's been in, 30 Days of Night was pretty good for an all action, no plot movie. Then again that's what action movies usually are - switch off and watch things blow up!

Black Sheep is a fantastic film though! Can't believe you think it's sub-par for a horror comedy. That scene with the lamb foetus is hilarious!! I was almost crying laughing. Must see that again some time...

12:22 pm  

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