Friday, June 27, 2008

Robert Mugabe: The Victim

That's right folks, Mr Mugabe is a victim. Many people talk about how his dictatorship and brutal regime has ripped Zimbabwe apart and caused countless suffering. While all the world takes a back seat and talks about issuing embargoes and other useless rhetoric and does next to nothing, it's also worth pointing out that Mugabe is also a victim. A fashion victim.

What the hell is up with his choice in clothes? It's like Will Smiths unused wardrobe from Fresh Prince. Knock knock? Who's there? It's 1992, and it wants its crap back.

I know he can get away with anything but someone needs to have a word in his ear if they could get anywhere close without being blinded by the neon colours.

More importantly, what is up with that Hitler 'tache? It wasn't even fashionable when Mr Third Reich sported it and I didn't see too many German soldiers emulate it - and the Germans know their moustaches.

Even when he does his best to move into the 21st century, he pulls out the most boring suit imaginable. Look, even his drones are wearing the same outfit and he has to point it out to the press and guess which henchman is taking the fall for this faux-pas? And doesn't he know it?

So please, next time you think about donating clothes, remember that Zimbabwe needs them. Mugabe needs them.


Anonymous lou said...

If only they had oil they could be liberated into thinking the correct way. Oh well, never mind.

11:29 pm  

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