Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cycling Around Homebush Bay

There is a huge parklands nearby called Bicentennial Park which is a 100 hectare natural heritage site which includes wetlands and 40 hectares of beautiful open green fields.

There is over 35km of cycle tracks, BBQ areas and fantastic paths Blaxland Park along the Parramatta River and the mid 20's temperature was ideal for bringing along a picnic and ejoying a Saturday afternoon.

We cycled around 10km through Newington Armory, Blaxland and up to Wilson Park before looping back to Wentworth Common where we stopped for lunch but couldn't find anywhere shady so doubled back to the Armory where we found a quiet spot overlooking the river.

A great place to cycle and we'll be doing it again soon...

Other photos here.


Blogger Skry said...

Nice place to cycle. Beats Hagley Park, but then again I know there are better places than Hagley for idyllic cycles.

Have you any pics of the aquarium or do they not let you take photo's inside there? Sounds like it woukd have been a good place to take a few pics and I ;mow you snapped a croc (no pun intended!).

1:41 pm  

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