Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breakin' The Law

The train is by far and away the easiest way to get around Sydney (if you don't own a car). As with most stations in major cities, tickets can be bought either from a machine or booth and are snatched up by the turnstyle when you exit at your destination. Sydney also operates a coloured weekly ticket based on suburbs and their distance from the centre. These tickets also allow access to ferry and bus services.

After using single and return tickets for trips into town until I had a regular job and a daily return route, I decided to buy a green weekly ticket which would allow me access to two ways in and out of work.

The first is a much slower if more pleasant journey by ferry from Circular Quay which takes a little over an hour in itself and also involves walking 30 minutes to get there followed by a 20 minute wait for the next ferry. Even by taking the train from This was the preferred method for the first week until I discovered an easier way.

The second way is arguably easier and faster involving a journey from Central station to Strathfield and catching a lift on the community bus that drops me off outside the apartment which takes around an hour and 20 minutes so this is the best option which shaves over an hour from taking the ferry.

Nevertheless, the train is not without it's hiccups. When we were heading to Campbelltown on Friday evening, I used my greenpass to enter Circular Quay station but once the train passed Kingsgrove, it was out of the allocated zone which I had totally forgotten about. There is no turnstyle at the last stop and on the way there from last station, the train guards entered the carriage and asked Lou and I (since we were the only ones there) for our tickets. Lou, not having any use for a green card yet had bought a ticket and was OK. I casually handed over my pass awaiting a brief inspection and for it to be handed it back.

"Are you aware this card doesn't cover this zone?"
"You don't come this way often do you?"
"No I don't - I'm out visiting my cousin, why?"

At this point he leaned closer for dramatic effect.

"This card doesn't take you out here. Now ,you're aware that I could fine you $200 right now on the spot, but I'm sure you don't want that?"
"No, I don't"
"Well, I'll see you at the ticket machine when you get off and we'll get you that ticket OK?"
I wasn't the only one to dodge the fare albeit I wasn't aware I was doing it on purpose either. There were a few people in front of me under the same circumstance although they were considerably inebriated and cocky about the whole affair.

Still, better fine than fined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the point where as a girl, you start fluttering your eyelashes! :D I'd do that too, what a nightmare!!!

4:56 am  
Blogger Skry said...

Yeah Phil, show some cleavage :P

8:59 am  

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