Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Walk In The Park

Another beautiful day this morning and the walk through the park took a slight down-turn as I avoided the occasional broken bottles from last nights Tennants Vital gig although there was more dog droppings than glass. Hefty fines for both I think. Then again, who's there to enforce it? Should we pay for park wardens to cycle around the park all day following dog owners? I love the idea. "No bag madam? That's another £10 for that. Here you go, watch your fingers."

I took a longer detour home yesterday further up the Ormeau Road and the traffic was bumper to bumper. The Hatfield was heaving and there was hustle and bustle as I made my way through the throng. You always seem to get a different crowd at festival type gigs - I think a slightly younger crowd who normally don't go to regular gigs.

I could hear the music from the front of the house so I'm glad my living room is in the rear. At least tonight I can drown it out with the Northern Ireland vs Liechtenstein game. It should be an interesting match because we often screw games up when we're playing teams even worse than we are (Iceland) and with a new managers first game and an almost make-or-break qualification match, the heat is on.


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