Monday, August 20, 2007

Throwing Away Old Memories

The weekend was largely spent lounging around, boxing things up, watching films and playing computer games. It's getting close to crunch time and you have to make 3 decisions about your personal belongings:

1. Take it with you to New Zealand in October;
2. Box it up for shipping at a later date;
3. Throw it away.

It's really a question of "Do I use this?" and if the answer is no, then it goes. As you may imagine, most things that are being binned are those bits and bobs that have been sitting in a cupboard or drawer for the last six months and haven't seen the light of day.

Having sorted through all my things, I realised that I haven't got a lot of personal ob-jets d'art to take with me, not including my CD and book collection. I think 90% of what I take with me will be clothes. I suppose that's a good result - it means a fresh start and a chance to re-acquire things to throw away in another predetermined point in time.

As we near the second part to the summer aka 'September', I'm hoping for a dry run this Saturday and Sunday as there's a beer festival at the Hilden brewery in Lisburn all weekend. Rain is good for many things but would it hurt to have two measly days of dry weather on the trot?

Thus I remained in the house for most of the weekend bar an umbrella equipped trip to the store on Saturday for provisions and the weekly shop yesterday. I must say, this supermarket trip could have been noted as Best Ever due to the fact that we arrived before 12.30pm and the registers don't operate until 1pm. This means that the place was dead, you could shop in peace and quiet and a shop assistant directed you to a free checkout counter as first shopper of the day. Fantastic.

I trust you had a better weekend than myself as the highlight seems to be that trip to the supermarket! *sigh*

See you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by.


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