Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chris & Eva's Wedding: Part I

After packing our suitcases and double-checking everything, we left them by the door, ordered a taxi and went to bed. It was only 11 O'clock but BMI had changed our flights from the afternoon to the ungodly travelling time of early morning and the alarm was set for 5.40am.

Naturally at this time of day the roads are devoid of traffic and we made excellent time to Europa and actually made an earlier bus to the airport, allowing time for a leisurely breakfast in one of several horrible restaurants.

We chose to have the 'Belfast Bap' with bacon, egg and sausage which was completely misleading to both natives and tourists of the country. As we all know, a Belfast Bap looks like this. Our bap looked like your average Joe. I'm well aware of airport policy with regards to overcharging for normal portions of food but this is outright deceict.

Our flight left on time and we arrived in Cardiff a mere 50 minutes later where Chris picked us up and it was off to pick up the suits for groom, best men, ushers and shushers. I must admit that the suits were fantastic and were blinged up with silver pocketwatch and diamond cufflinks - very dapper. Unfortunately we had parked in a multi-storey half a mile away and we had to carry them through the crowded city centre streets and my arms were ready to fall off when we reached the car.

Following a short pit-stop at Chris and Eva's for coffee whilst the groom packed his own belongings, we took off for St Davids, stopping at Haverfordwest to pick up Pimms for post-wedding reception drinks.

Several hours later Lou and I were dropped off at Amber Cottage, our Bed & Breakfast, to check in and relax. It was a delightful renovated house ran by a very friendly landlady who insisted on us having a cooked breakfast the following morning and who was I to disagree?

After chilling out for a few hours we met up at Maggie's (Eva's Mum) house for dinner and it was a beautiful evening spent in the garden with good food, friends and white wine. We then made our way across the road to the Farmer's Arms where we took over a table in the beer garden and got nicely drunk on cava and tequilla.

Not bad for our first night.


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