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I learnt of this film through word of mouth that it was a brilliant thriller loosely based on the Hitchcock classic Rear Window and was eager to track it down. When I had looked it up on IMDB to double-check its high quality standing I wasn't let down by it's 7.8 score and all of these factors allowed me to sit through the first 20 minutes of the film feeling that the slow start would be a warm up to the action.

Sadly I was let down and after the first section had set a theme of imposing tragedy, it suddenly turned into a teenage drama.

Our central character Kale, who is living under house arrest, begins to suspect that his neighbour is a serial killer but as he is confined to within 100 yards of his living room, there is not much he can do but watch the unfolding drama and clue his friends into his world in order to bring his neighbour to justice.

There's a good plot in there somewhere dying to get out but there is so many genres fighting for position in what should have been a relatively straight forward film and not a family drama cum teen slasher flick because when the dial is finally turned to action/thriller, I had switched off.

How the film currently stands at 7.3 on IMDB I cannot imagine. If I had to sum up this film in a genre, it's stupid.

I would give this film 4.1 "why does that guy always play the bad guy" out of 10.



Blogger Donovan said...

That's a pity. I've seen this one advertised a fair bit and was hoping it would be good.

I noticed the main character is played by the same guy who recently starred in Transformers. Another film that could quite easily be described as stupid. Fun in places, but nothing like as cool as it could have been.

Sure, it's got some really good CGI, lots of fun destructive scenes, but it's let down by a total lack of imagination in terms of plot and dialogue.

It's let down by many paper-cut style issues. They decided to make the robots unfold in much more complex ways than the series, and don't bother with the characteristic noise. Almost every shot of the robots doing stuff was too close up / shakycammed overly, making it difficult to appreciate the fact that it's a bunch of robots in a city.

Plus, with their masks off the robots are all for some reason incredibly ugly, and Optimus Prime had some mental condition where he had to say his name once every 5 seconds. And they don't use the "Transformers.. robots in disguise" song anywhere.

Any what is with the sponshorship.. Ebay, GMC, Panasonic, Apple, Chevy, Cadillac to name a few.

I could go on and on about that one. Bastards.

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