Thursday, August 02, 2007


Breach is based on the true story of Eric O'Neill, a smart, bordering on cocky, FBI operative working under Robert Hanssen, an agent convicted of spying for the Soviet Union for 15 years.

O'Neill, played fantastically by Ryan Phillippe, is a junior FBI employee conducting surveillance work on counter terrorism hoping his extra-curricular reports will earn him promotion to agent status. He is summoned to headquarters and given a special assignment to monitor Robert Hanssen, a senior agent, played by Chris Cooper, whom he is instructed to befriend, study and report back on.

As O'Neill gets deeper into his role, Hanssen, an over-zealous Catholic, takes a personal interest in O'Neill and his young wife who are inactive Catholics, to become active church goers which does nothing but cause grief to their marital life as work and home becomes blurred and uncomfortable for her as O'Neill can tell her nothing about his case.

Breach is fine example of the drama/thriller genre and moves along at just the right pace to pull the viewer in and reveal more and more of the plot at just the right moments right up until the final scene. The screenplay and dialogue are sharp and the acting all around is superb. Certainly worth checking out at the cinema.

I would give this film 8.1 spies who loved me out of 10



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